If It's Not On Brandfit, It's Not A Brand Yet

About Us

We are Brandfit PR & Events, a marketing communications consultancy engaged in developing and activating 360 degrees bespoke strategies to suit our Client’s objectives, which is better acceptance that ultimately leads to desire by the bride, the consumer. To make this marriage fruitful, we are constantly developing brand, marketing, business and news value contents within the parameters of informing, educating and entertaining, the traditional golden pillars of true journalism.

We do not believe digital/online platforms should be void of credibility, which is why as professionally trained media practitioners; we seek to add and maintain “print media rules” to contents with the objective of enlightening the larger population while entertaining them online.

Our staff force is made up of seasoned journalists, brand communicators and digital media managers whose experience span a decade of managing local and multinational brands such as  MTN, Pepsi, 7Up, Mirinda, Squadron Dark Rum, Chelsea London Dry Gin, Teezers, Veleta Fruit Wine, Action Bitters, Eagle Aromatic Schnapps, Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce, CITA Aviation Fuelling Company, Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria, Prince of Anthony Hotel, 1960 Hotel, Eagle Square Hotels, SKG Pharma, Nordica Fertility Centre, Anderson Pharmaceuticals, Tropicana Slim Sweetener, CMS Grammar School amongst others.

We are not just media gatekeepers; we are media managers who mould the matrix of brand promotion, crisis management, perception management, marketing and sales, corporate communications, experiential marketing and advertising to suit our Clients.

If It’s Not On Brandfit, It’s Not A Brand

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