How Can Hotels in Agbor Benefit from it?

Travellers have always wondered what a 3-star or 5-star hotel rating means. Many ponder on the criteria used to rate one hotel over the other and if these ratings are an accurate reflection of the quality the ratings represent.

These ratings are more relevant today, in an information age, where no traveller leaves home without first making online hotel reservations. The star ratings influence the probability of being a preferred lodging business and how much the hotels can charge the curious guests.

There are several indices used to formulate ratings ranging from media reviews, customer experience, variety of rooms, and conference facilities. Others are nearness to the airport, restaurant, on-site spa, fitness centres, suite lodging, business centre, free shuttles, swimming pool, free parking, and professional benchmarks.

Hotels with 5-star ratings command a quantitative and qualitative customer base because of the perception of being better than hotels with lesser ratings. But sometimes these ratings are more sentimental than evidential. It is possible for two hotels to have the same facilities, same size, and everything else but still gets rated with different stars.

While one can be rated a 3-star hotel, the other might be rated a 4-star hotel. Take for instance a  hotel located in a major city such as Asaba, Benin, and Warri stand the chance of attracting better ratings than a hotel located in Agbor even if the one in Agbor has more facilities.

The reason is, hotels outside the city usually turn out to be more affordable than similar or lower-class hotels inside the city. In this case, demand and supply influences pricing. Aside from the physical location of the hotel, the online positioning of hotels ensures visibility when searching online. If guests find the hotel online, over time this will affect their ratings positively because no one rates what is invisible.

Also, the same reason when intending travellers Google for hotels in Agbor they usually end up with massive information about hotels in Asaba, Benin, Onitsha, and Warri. Before getting to how hotels in Agbor can improve their star ratings and start getting more guests lets to talk about what the stars mean in a standard rating.

One-star: This rating is for hotels that provide simple accommodation, with economic considerations, and are focused on meeting the budget of the guests. The aim is to meet the needs of the guests without leaving a hole. The facilities are not top-class, none existent or damaged, but the guests have the basics such as a room with a bed, toilet and bathroom. It might be unkept with the doors not even having a lock and most times used for what is known as Short-time (hourly bookings). There is no online presence, and it is not big on customer satisfaction.

Two-star: For those looking for a cheap, clean, basic hotel room to spend the night or some days, hotels with this rating readily come to mind. It meets the basic need of guests and is relatively more comfortable when compared with the 1-star hotels, and it is still affordable. There is a TV that might not work, and the hotel is sometimes at the borders of cities or towns. Their online presence might be an email and a Facebook account.

Three-star: Looking for convenience, mid-range comfort, a higher level of hygiene? Then hotels with 3-star ratings will do just fine. They provide quality service, comfort, even go as far as offering customised services to guests. These services attract higher prices, but it is still relatively affordable and worth the extra guests pay. The rooms have a working intercom phone that enables guests to call the reception and place orders for meals or any other services. There are more facilities such as a working TV with the remote, there is regular cleaning, and room service is a part of the package. They sometimes have a blog, and not too active social media handles.

Four-star: This is a superior, upscale, high-quality hotel with deluxe rooms, with several facilities such as a salon, swimming pool, toiletries are intact, the telephone that can receive and make calls within and outside the hotel radius. Guests can play games like snooker, table tennis, lawn tennis, amongst others. The cleaning is daily. They have a website, social media handles, and a strong online presence.

Five-star: This rating, is reserved for guests looking for first-class services, superior and state of the art facilities. These hotels promise the highest, flawless guest service and advertise their ability to host both local and international guests. Some 5-star hotels even have facilities such as resorts, spas, golf courses, ranches, farms, a fleet of shuttles, and others. There is an active website, social media handles and understanding the mechanics of positioning their brand.

From the above star ratings, one can safely conclude that most hotels in Agbor fall under two ratings – the 2-Star, and 3-Star ratings.

How Can Hotels in Agbor Improve Their Star Ratings and Attract More Guests?

Exist Online:

First, hotels in Agbor must become visible else every effort would be like blinking in the dark. Embracing the digital market will enable faster and more effective measurement of services. Travellers are likely to visit a hotel that has photos of its facilities online than one without a photo.

The reputation of a hotel can have an impact on its revenue, success, or failure. Ask guests to give reviews, manage those reviews, and social media commentaries, especially the negative ones as they offer greater feedback insight.

Comfort and Cleanliness:

Because travellers place a high premium on cleanliness and a comfortable experience, they are more likely to have a repeat visit when they are satisfied.

Use Technology to Build Loyalty

Guests will more probably remember a 3-star hotel that employs technology than a 4-star hotel that is just 4-star without anything that stands it out. Use mobile NFC technology to excite tech-savvy guests and make them feel safer and more comfortable in a hotel as they can unlock their hotel doors with their phones. 

Remove all the cathode-ray television screens from the building and replace them with flat screens that fit into the walls. Also replace the yellow power-consuming bulbs with fluorescent power-saving bulbs to reduce heat generation, cost and impress the guests. They will notice.

Train and Re-train Staff:

Even after employing the best staff, overtime complacence might set in. But by enabling junior staffers to shadow one of the best employees in the hotel, they keep learning on the job through mentorship. Organising a day, or two-day training quarterly will keep best practices fresh in the minds of staff.

The guest’s first impression starts from the security personnel at the gate, to the front desk through to the cleaning staff, then to the kitchen. One negative attitude from any employee can make a 3-star review drop to 2-star.

Never Keep the Guest Waiting:

A recent study in the United States of America shows that 53 per cent of customers are likely to abandon online purchases when the response is not quick. While 73 per cent said, visibly showing value for customer time is proof of good customer service.

As a standard, hotels in Agbor should adopt the following – averagely, email response time should be within 7 hours during the day, 12 hours when you add a night, Facebook response time – 24 hours, and Twitter response time within a day. Use chatbots to enable auto-responses for basic questions. These will help influence positive ratings for the hotel.

The combination of all the above strategies will benefit hotels in their attempt to rise in rankings. The guests are subject to perception, and three different guests can rate the same hotel differently because perception differs. There are no second chances to make the first impression the best on guests.