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Many have wondered why Artificial Intelligence (AI) didn’t predict the CoronaVirus pandemic. I understand that AI systems are being deployed for the monitoring and control of the outbreak. However, powerful futures are rarely discovered primarily by Analytics. They are, as Walt Disney said “created first in the mind, and next in the activity”.

This doesn’t deny Analytics an important role but it does subordinate it to the process of invention. Analytics or AI in itself will not deliver the future of Marketing but will serve as a veritable Decision Support and predictive tool as long as Marketing remains a human-centred activity.

While Deep Learning (with Big Data) will support uncovering hidden archetypes within neural patterns and provide near-perfect scenario modelling and social prediction of customer preferences and inarticulate needs; predictions still rarely self-actualize.

There remains a critical gap between predictions and the necessary activity to drive such predictions to reality – which in many cases represents the actual customer conversion activity – best directed and harmonized by human participation. Within this commonly overlooked value gap lies the key drivers of behavioral change and imperatively, the future of Marketing.

The power to influence and galvanize customer behaviour in a certain direction, towards a given cause or purpose – Behavioral Modelling – will remain the hotspot of Marketing; and innovation along these lines will deliver the Marketing of the future.

Tolu Koyejo BSc. (Hons.) Pg.D MBCS CITP ECPM

Published on Brandfit.ng