Brandfit, the Multiple Website Publisher, Goes Commercial in January

If you are not on Brandfit, you are not a brand yet. This is to inform our partners that Brandfit, a multiple website publisher, will go commercial on January 1, 2022.


7 Reasons why you need to be on Brandfit:

1)      Two Sites: You receive double publication for each of your contents on two of our websites – and

2)    High ALEXA Rating: These two websites are highly rated by ALEXA due to their superior SEO configuration. We just secured upgraded website plans that would position our website as one of the leading sites in the world as confirmed by ALEXA.

3)      Audio-Release: The audio version of your publication (press release or feature) is developed and sent for every content-based publication. This can be used for radio broadcasts so you don’t have to pay for a narrator, caster, handling fees, etc as the pronunciations are world-class. It can be used as a podcast or simply used to wow your client’s top management executive who prefers listening to the press release or feature as audio rather than reading it as text while they are multi-task. It can be shared on WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

4) First-Page: First and second-page mention for your publication on all search engines such as Google due to superior SEO engineering

5)      Double Publication: Multiple publications help to trend the content and offer more content visibility

6)      Dedicated: Brandfit is dedicated to brands, marketing, business, industry, and other related sectors. An individual is a brand as the definition of a brand is not restricted to products but strategic positioning.

7)      Legacy: For over 4 years we supported you and your brand, publishing your content, now we need your support as we move into the semi-commercialization phase. We tried the donation strategy to meet administrative costs but it didn’t work, we edit every content from you as you would have noticed and rectified the errors before publishing. we are still relatively almost free.

From January 1, 2022, Brandfit will start charging a token administrative fee (as low as 20k for press releases with two photos, and 30k for features with about 8 photos and above.

We will attach our rate card for comprehensive information on content and advert rate before January 1, 2022.

Thank you