“We hired a brand consultant and developed a great brand strategy. Our ad agency went on to create and produce an ad campaign that far exceeded our capability to deliver the brand promise. We ended up with disappointed customers, internal conflicts and brand credibility erosion.” CEO, (Telco giant*)

This is what happens when branding efforts are not done holistically.

I was on my way home recently and decided to stop by the tyre shop. My tyres were fixed in no time and I was assured all was well. Being a trusted brand, I relied on their promise and sped off! 10 minutes later, I was involved in an accident! The rear tyre ‘flew’ off the orbit and my car was forcefully brought to a halt! Instantly, the tyre shop came to mind and I felt very disappointed.

As paramount as branding is to creating strong leverage, it must be supported with internal efficiencies that deliver on a brand promise; otherwise, the brand’s reputation currency becomes increasingly devalued which in turn impacts adversely on commercialization and the fundamentals of the business.

Before you ‘brand’, BUILD! Yes, put in place necessary operational structures that not only reinforces brand identity but also deliver on the brand promise. This sustains growth momentum.

Remember, before you ‘brand’, BUILD!

Published on Brandfit.ng