Ace musician, OJB Jezreel’s anniversary was celebrated in Lagos amidst a large crowd of emotional fans on June 14. The late musician did not leave his fans without a parting gift as the legendary producer poured his heart out in a duet with his prodigy, Etnik.
The song, titled ‘The Question’ is a fusion of dancehall and R&B in reflection of the genres played by both artistes.
The Question” has been generating a lot of talkability as fans and music enthusiasts have been wondering how and when the song was recorded. It is said to be one of the last collaborations the “searching” and “Pretete” exponent did before he passed away.
The Question reaffirmed OJB’s skills as a production wizard as he produced and featured in the song. The song also reveals the talent the gifted singer has and leaves teeming fans emotionally touched by his sonorous voice, making them miss him even more.
The Question” and other songs from Etnik can be downloaded at #20 Naira on the MTN network by sending the following codes to 4100: “The Question” – 1032682; “Diva Demon – 1032683 and “Follow Follow” – 1032684.