We seem now fixated to name, shame and humiliate Nigerians with the paint brush of shame, odium,obloquy and denigration. How can about  N15 billion be found in highbrow Osborne Road, Ikoyi,by no means a back  squalid street? How can a foreign arm of the Nigerian secret Police, the equivalent of CIA,keep such hard currency in cash at an unguarded apartment,tucked away with many other apartments in a block of flats,not in a separate heavily fortified and fiercely guarded  stand -alone building that has “keep off” carefully imprinted on it? What was it meant for and who approved it and in which budget ? Who was the whistle blower that could identify that such money was “hidden” in the bedroom in flat 7A,leaving out flat 7B,yet not knowing who kept the money there or it’s ownership? Why was EFCC not pictured or videod going into the apartment, before we suddenly saw an arranged “counting ” of money ? Are there no CCTV in such a highbrow wealthy society members abode ? Can we see the footages Please ? Only last week,N49m orphaned sum was “arrested”  at Kaduna Airport! Then, suddenly another sum of orphaned N448m was “discovered ” in an ownerless shop in Victoria Island.Who owned the plaza ? Who sold there ? Are there no CCTV there ? Can we see them please ? The truth Is that all these simulated “arrangee ”  “discoveries “can only temporarily divert attention from the hunger,squalor,fear,disease,not performance and cluelessness of this government.But,unfortunately,even lies have their expiry date.Truth is inexorable,immutable and eternal.The chicken will finally come home to roost.”