Press Release

March 29, 2017.

This is to remind the general public that yesterday, Tuesday March 28, 2017 was exactly 2 years that Nigerians were deceived and lied to by the All Progressive Congress (APC) to vote for its Candidate, Muhammadu Buhari in the Presidential Election for ‘Change’. The Event of March 28, 2015 has indeed left a scare in the lives of Nigerians. Very sad!

2. Two years after, Nigeria is worse off than the APC met her in 2015. Our economy hibernated; the institutions are bastardized and reduced to personal estates of some officials in government; prices of most basic commodities sky rocketed beyond 200%; electricity is scarce and no concrete plans to improve on the structures left behind by the PDP administrations; insecurity is on the rise though with constant grandstanding that it has “technically defeated boko haram”; unbearable and confusing high foreign exchange market; increase in petroleum products against static income; INEC acting as one of the departments of the APC; constant misuse of most security agencies against citizens; the dilemma of herdsmen attacks and daily displacements of communities unhindered; lack of transparency and accountability in government business; harassments of high ranking judicial officers, etc.

3. The list indeed is endless! Nigerians are witnessing the most cruel, insensitive and clueless government in the history of this Country. It is obvious that the promise of ‘Change’ by the APC before 2015 elections was misunderstood by Nigerians. We believe that the electorates who voted the APC on this fateful day misunderstood its ‘Change’ promise to mean positive change but unknowingly, the APC actually promised negative ‘Change’. No doubt, it’s a reversal of all the achievement of the PDP administrations, and the squandering of our collective destinies through pursuit of shadows. Disastrous!

4. For the record, Nigerians have been scammed and we want to use this opportunity once again to remind Nigerians of the Mid-Term Report of the former President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, GCFR, in May 2013 to compare the two years of this APC led Government since May 29, 2015.

5. Finally, we wish to commiserate with all the families of those that the APC’s induced hardship and challenges led their loved ones to commit suicide in the last couple of weeks. May their souls rest in peace. As a Party, we believe in prosperity for all, good governance and the well-being of all citizens of this great Country, Nigeria.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria! Long live the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)!!


Prince Dayo Adeyeye
National Publicity Secretary, PDP NCC