The leading provider of quality Epoxy engineering services in Nigeria and West Africa, Alfomeg Epoxy Services says Epoxy is fast replacing the use of tiles and other outdated technology for swimming pools, homes and offices in Nigeria.

According to the Chief Executive Officer and Head Engineer, Alfomeg Epoxy Services, Mr. Michael Elikene: “The world is evolving and Nigeria needs to catch up with it. There was a time when the use of tiles was fashionable for the homes and offices. When your swimming pools were decorated with tiles but all that is outdated as the world has embraced the Epoxy technology. The technology is the better choice for homes and pharmaceutical companies because of hygiene.”

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“In the long and short run it cost less to use Epoxy technology than using tiles etc. Epoxy is more durable while tiles break and the sharp edges can even cause injuries at work or homes especially when children are involved. When you apply Epoxy the aesthetic looks remains until you decide you want to either change the colour or design. When used for septic tank coating it serves lives because the walls don’t cave in as a result of the chemical reaction of faeces”

The company has a rich clientele but operates an ergonomic pricing system which allows it provide services to major corporations, government institutions and individuals who seek quality and durability. Sometimes you find visitors gazing at the finished floor or wall because it is glossy.


Alfomeg has worked with Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Printing and Minting – Abuja FCT, Friesland Campina, Peak Milk (tank) – Lagos State, Shell Pharmaceutical, Nemel Pharma – Enugu State, Juhel Pharma – Awka, Anambra State, Michelle Laboratories – Enugu, ECOMED Pharma – Sango Ota, Ogun State, Jopan Pharma – Ajao Estate Lagos State, New Age Pharma – Tawadada Abuja FCT etc.

Alfomeg has been providing Epoxy services across Nigeria and West Africa for more than a decade and is noted for offering international standards. The Company’s official contact number is 08034997598 while its official website is AlfomegEngineeringServices.