There is obviously a big gap between what a brand claims and what really is, especially due to competition as everyone is trying to edge out the other person.

Big brands are not exempted from this relatively “sharp practices” that sometimes go unnoticed as no labeling is used. Brands such as Coke had cocaine as additives many years back but the brand says it has no such content yet its contents remain a mystery to the world.

Who is to verify if their claims of zero cocaine is true or false but just the words of a market leader who should do anything to retain its enviable position in the market place.

The scary side of this is the product targets children. We spend a huge part of our time trying to raise our children from going bad and embracing hard drugs but we are oblivious of what we hand over to them as treat.

If drugs and other medicines can have their contents revealed why should these multinational brands? Doesn’t the Consumer have the right to know what they are putting into their mouths or giving their children to drink?

Why is the government(s), regulatory bodies and Consumer rights activists okay with this? When you demand to have a breakdown of your bills why can’t you have a breakdown of what a brand puts into their products especially when you are paying for it?

There are brands who focus so much on competition rather than the Consumer and should not be trusted with the health of the Consumer. Government agencies should compel these organisations who are having a field day to reveal whatever secret they put in, a Consumer deserves that much.