As the National Tourism Essay Competition opens on Monday, the 31st of October, the organisers of the Competition, Desigo Tourism Development Limited have urged Nigerian youths to embrace and make use the best of the opportunities that abound in the Nigerian tourism industries.

Speaking on the main objective of the competition, the company’s CEO, Abigail Olagbaye, who was Miss Tourism Nigeria 2005, said that the competition is initiated to resourcefully connect Nigerian youths with the nation’s tourism potentials.

“YTC Essay Competition 2016 is designed to re-jig the orientation and stimulate the deep thinking of our youths towards tourism, to engage them in tourism discourse and to raise awareness about the tourism industry in Nigeria”. She stated.

The former beauty queen also disclosed further that sustainability of any national asset depends on its younger generation.

“It is a fact that any development that does not effectively carry along the youths has a very short lifespan. They must be able to reasonably connect with the industry to ensure its sustenance”. She said.

Meanwhile, registration for participation and submission of essays will now run concurrently till Friday, December 9th 2016. Interested youths are urged to visit designated site to register their interest of participation and submit their essays on or before the date.

The essay competition which is in two categories, Junior- from age of 11 to 18 years and Senior- between the ages of 19 and 35 years respectively has two topics accordingly. The junior category’s topic is -“citing major tourist attractions and products in your, use one major attraction to discuss the role of internet/ ICT in developing tourism in Nigeria”, while their senior counterpart will dwell on the topic- citing major tourist attractions and products in your state, use one major attraction to discuss the comparative advantage of Nigeria’s tourism and how it can engineer economic boost for national development”.

For More details visit www.desigolimited.com