Thousands of dance lovers stormed Wajo Lagos, one of Nigeria’s biggest dance showpiece staged monthly at Freedom Park. Wajo Lagos, nicknamed “Mecca of dance” by some enthusiasts holds 6pm every last Thursdays. The festival hosts dance lovers from all over the world who seek to enjoy both professional and unadulterated street dance performances.

Wajo, which means “come and dance” in Yoruba, is an invitation for all dance lovers to dance, stop worrying and be happy. The monthly dance festival has featured Don Flex, one of Nigeria’s biggest names in dance who is also P-squares choreographer, White Stone Cultural Ambassadors, Unleash Dance, Honourite Entertainment among others. The month of September was tagged independence presentation with the theme: The Journey. Insecurity, corruption and lack of unity were identified as some of the problems facing the nation. The contemporary and traditional dance presentations projected a better future if only the people could unite and be patriotic.


Speaking at the event in Lagos, Chief Executive Officer, Enhance 360, organiser of Wajo Lagos, Mr. Seun Adeleye said the monthly dance show has been on for three and half years and aimed at creating a voice for dance and it’s a platform for dance enthusiasts to express themselves. He noted that soon there will be monthly competition segments different from its annual August dance show competition which comes up once in a year, to create opportunity for healthy competition among dance talents with juicy rewards for winners.

Adeleye described Wajo Lagos as a show for all Nigerians and the world at large. “People come from different parts of the world to watch and perform at Wajo Lagos. The lady with a solo presentation tonight, Titi is a good example. She is based in United States. She is currently doing a programme in Nigeria, teaching dancers certain things.  Last year we had people from France, Germany among others. We had someone from Kaduna. He came across Wajo Lagos on Facebook and sent a message, requesting to perform and he did.”


Mrs. Sarah Boulos, Founder, Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria (SPAN) in her remarks described the independence edition as special. She thanked  Enhance 360 for enhancing dance culture and entertaining Nigerians with beautiful dances for over three years. She called on dance lovers to support Wajo Lagos so as to take it to the next level.