Volkswagen CEO Herbert Deiss introduces the new Volkswagen electric car

Global automakers  have stormed Paris to showcase new electronic cars at the  Paris auto show.

The Paris auto show is in line the commitment of the global community to reduce industrial emission through change in technology for a safer environment.

Mercedes-Benz luxury at the show unveiled a new battery-powered SUV, EQ. the vehicle comes with unique features that is typical of a leading global brand, driven by technology.

Chief Executive Officer, Mercedes-Benz, Dieter Zetsche, said the company was set to produce10 fully electric vehicles by 2025. He said efforts were being made to have electrics make up 15-25 percent of global sales in the next nine years. He reaffirmed the commitment of the company to the development of infrastructure and customer preferences.

Carlos Ghosn , Chief Executive Officer  of Renault-Nissan  said: “Without any doubt, we are going to continue to develop diesels,  particularly for SUVs and higher priced cars.”

Porsche, one of Volkswagen’s brands, was also showing off a hybrid version of the Panamera. Demand for the electric cars is still very low globally because they’re more expensive than the same car with a gasoline or diesel engine.