tumblr_o9sttlxmmj1ririjeo1_500The word brand comes from the marking act of live stocks. Most people won’t buy any product that has no name tag on it or not well covered, while others can’t even say in clear terms why they prefer a branded product over a generic one.

One thing is obvious, generic goods/raw materials (the source) are considered as original in anything in life aside from a branded product. Handmade clothes are considered more valuable than factory made versions; homemade pies are valued more than eatery standard, handmade shoes, and many other goods are coveted for creative touch.

But the moment a brand name, logo or any symbol is attached to a product it incorporates additional costs such as packaging, standardization, publicity due to competition, distribution, salaries, production (to sometimes transform the generic good to a branded product) and other overhead expense etc.

Take salt for instance; table salt has been a stable seasoning for centuries and the price has been insignificant but not anymore as we now have branded salt produced in bags, packs and they attract higher price. Dangote Salt, Mr. Chef, Anacuna Salt are some of the salt brands with “vitamin A” supplements.

Branded tobacco products such as cigarettes are bad for health and smokers are liable to die young yet they are licensed by government but generic tobacco, the “source” ingredient for making cigarettes, is unlicensed. Why permit the branded and outlaw the generic source of the branded?

Aside from the other reasons given above, taxability is another reason. It is easier for government to tax branded goods and difficult to tax generic ones. |Generic garri is not standardized so difficult to tax but branded garri goes through standard production and packaging.

Marijuana for instance is a herb that is used for so many things, it is generic and difficult to tax but give it some years when it becomes a brand it will become licensed and taxable.

The herb has been so effective in curing so many diseases for over 5,000 years it was running branded drugs aground. In 1930 there was a false claim that MJ caused black men to be violent and made them solicit sex from white women. the media began to play on the fears the public had. In 1937 a law was made to ban the wonder herb, the law was called Marijuana Tax Act.

But the law is gradually being jettisoned as Washington and Colorado have legalized the wonder cure for cancer even in children and many American states will soon join but it is not obvious when other countries in Africa will reverse the laws made due to the lie but what is clear is branded Marijuana drugs will soon be produced to complete the legalization process, then comes the tax.